Day 25: Test Flight 2.0

Sarria to Barbadelo: 3.7 km / 2.8 mi

Today was about 2 things. 1st to test the water and see how the leg feels and 2nd, to get back on schedule and finish our last 100 km.

We took our time heading out of Sarria and up the steep climb to Barbadelo. Although it seemed a bit silly hiking for only a few miles, it was so great being on the move again. Funny how fulfillment comes under certain conditions isn’t it? The few miles gave enough time to continue in full recovery mode, icing, time to elevate, stretch and just move which I hope is enough to continue as planned.

Barbadelo is a simple farming village with no more than 10 houses and perhaps a third devoted to supporting pilgrims. It sits high in the Galician hills and was a beautiful spot to “lay low,” which neither one of us is hardwired for. The day was filled with watching the herds of cattle travel down the main road – Sully was all about it! While he was being entertained at the expense of the local farmer’s hard work, we were reminding ourselves and eachother how important it was to rest.

After a quick lunch break, we inventoried our gear to see if there were any unnecessary items which seemed like it was more of an effort to maintain a stronger connection to our pilgrimage. For some reason there is an anxious feeling that accompanies waiting and WE DON’T LIKE IT!

The extra time in one place has provided a view into how many new people have joined the way. Sarria is a primary starting point and it’s been fun to play “pick the newbie”. Some telltales are:

  1. Guidebooks – in hand. Always!
  2. Camera – Taking pictures of EVERYTHING.
  3. No hobbling
  4. Fancy neon tech clothing
  5. Talking to locals very loudly – this one is mostly americans.
  6. Oh my, the questions! So many questions.
  7. Lastly and my personal favorite, the Camino souvenirs!

Ok, it may be a little judgy but come on, we needed someway to pass the time.

Today’s Highlights:

D is for Doritos. This shouldn’t be a highlight. I know. But I love Doritos. And the only times I allow myself to eat as many as I want is 1) When distance-hiking and 2) When pregnant. These are both a very small percentage of my life. So, yeah, this is a highlight.

G is for Galicia. Rolling hills, stone walled lined pasture land, amazing food, and cows. If we were living Lord of the Rings, Galicia would be The Shire. What’s not to love for a MN farm kid.

S is for Swim. We had a pool today! And it had an outdoor shower. Hard to say which I preferred. So I went from one to the other as many times as my parents would let me. And guess who didn’t slip and fall once. Yes, that’s right, THIS GUY!

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