Day 24: DIY Lemonade, Step 1: Choose a Container

Sarria. 0 km / 0 miles.

It amazes me how our surroundings can change everything. I am sure there are technical explanations, but I tend to think it is mostly just energy.

We could only book one night at the place last night, so today we had to move. We walked two blocks up and one block over and entered a different world.

Sarria is the another official start of the Camino. In order to get your Compostela (official certificate of completion), you must walk the last 100km of the trail – starting in Sarria. So you would think that Sarria would be another gorgeous little Spanish village. Alas, it is a little rough. And rough doesn’t do much for the waivering spirit. But there does appear to be a nice part of Sarria, and it is directly along the Camino. But not one block off in either direction.

So, our accommodation for tonight is along the Way. And it is perhaps the warmest, funkiest albergue we have stayed in the best room we have landed. The entrance starts as an Italian restaurant, but then you wander back through the kitchens and overflow seating to a cozy office space. Keep going past the restrooms down the stairs to the big open room with bunks, down a half staircase past the loft, round the corner, up a flight of stairs and through two doors to our bright and airy room – which if you had an aerial view, would prove to be on the side of the block directly behind the entrance.

As for the space, nothing is symmetrical and nothing is one color. Everything is in rich tones with the trendy worn barn look that we all want, but there is no Pottery Barn in Spain, so this is the real deal. Our attitudes changed the instant we walked in the door. It doesn’t hurt that the staff all took to Sully, the cafe con leche was amazing, and the pizzas, for once, did not come from frozen packaging but handmade awesomeness.

And, with that, we had a great afternoon. We went for a walk and shopped for groceries. We hung out in the loft for over an hour – Guy found a puzzle, I found a novel in English, and Sully found blocks and a deck of cards. It might be the most relaxed we have been all trip. Follow that up with naps, a great dinner, play chase in the beer garden and fist bumps for all of our fellow pilgrims and we are one happy family.

Tomorrow, we move on. We have a reservation in the next town, so it will be a mile or so hike to test the waters. The day after that, we make one last effort to pick up the hike!

Briefly, Highlights from Today:

  • D: I did it. I looked it up on the ‘nets, and I tried it. It wasn’t pretty, but it has been done. Yes, I have used a bidet.

  • G: Spain has ziplines in playgrounds regularly! To make sure it was safe, I had to test it first of course. Sully loved it but this one could have went over more with the parents.
  • S: I set a daily fist bump record. No big deal. With my parents just lying around, it was only right to capitalize on the time. The Camino right out front made for easy pickins’ and I made the performance of a lifetime at the bustling dinner scene. BAMM!

P.S. Traffic on the Camino is known to pick up starting in Sarria, so we booked accommodations through to the end so that we knew would have a place. A suprising number were available on We also had luck contacting smaller. Places by phone or with WhatsApp.

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