Day 23: Human? NO THANK YOU!

Villafranca del Bierzo to Sarria. 0 km / 0 miles.

After 30 minutes of taping, failing, and retaping my ankle this morning, I looked around the tape-ridden half-packed room and said what I already knew, that I was in no condition to walk.

It was not a conversation either of us wanted to have. It is probably not the success story you were hoping to hear.

For the good majority of my life, I’ve been blessed with good health, a strong physical condition, and truth be told, with 12 years of football, a good deal of luck. Doing something active was never a question of whether I could do it, only a question of if I wanted to do it. And the thing of it is, when you add youth into the mix, it didn’t even take all that much work.

However, the humbling fact, which grows in time and I fear at an increasing rate, is that we are all human. I guess if we’re lucky this fact will find us all eventually. Maybe I should feel grateful that at least this fact doesn’t descriminate. Not going to lie though, I would really have liked to learn this lesson in December in Oregon!

Fortunately there are a few silver linings and highlights:

#1: Of course you can appreciate something without losing it. I would however, argue that it does become incredibly more clear when you do.

#2: There still time. We bused to Sarria to rest for a few days before trying to finish the last 100 km which is the only section you need to do to “complete” the Camino. I got a last minute appointment to see a physical therapist. He verified that it is tibialis anterior tendonitis which unfortunately is an overuse injury and just needs time to heal. I at least have all the tips to try improve the healing time.

#3: Nothing changes: This trip started with family time as the goal and sometimes unplanned down time is the best family time.

  • Sully LOVES buses. Seeing his mind work and figuring out the bus depot was just awesome.

P.S. Figuring out travel in a foreign country can be challenging. We had good luck with an app another pilgrim recommended called Rome2Rio.

5 thoughts on “Day 23: Human? NO THANK YOU!

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  1. Darn! My only positive thought (that you already know of course) is that you are so blessed to be with two people who love you more than anything!


  2. There is a quiet, still part of humanness that is barely recognized. It does not compete or often stress. Many “old ones” know it as they have reached it gracefully and with time passed. It is a gift to “young ones” as it’s lessons are irreplaceable. Patience, calm, with different visions and sounds that are heard. Goals are transformed. Appreciation is more focused on the minute and subtle. It is not a handicap but a fairly common companion of the handicapped. It is not submission. It is another powerful tool of soul.
    I say take the train and relish the gift your young strong body has given you, a glimpse. XOX like you never know- Ma


  3. What’s really interesting about this is Dorothy was taken down by a stomach bug and now Guy by a foor injury, but Sully…dear Sully who everyone was worried about is rocking it. I think there is a lesson in there 🙂 Trace


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