To Train . . . or Not to Train

How do you train for a month of walking when you both have full-time jobs with bonus hours and a toddler? Very creatively. And as simply as possible. We started with the math: With the amount of time we have off from work (30 hiking days + travel) and the miles we hope to do... Continue Reading →

A Bit More about Us

We thought we'd let you know a little more about us before we get too far: What we do when we're not hiking, what we are looking forward to, what we are afraid of, and a little known fact about each of us. Enjoy! Guy Rodrigue When I'm Not Hiking: Park Manager with Oregon State... Continue Reading →

Why the Camino?

  Like any journey, there are as many reasons to hike the Camino as there are pilgrims who begin. For us, it is mostly about spending time together as a family. Sullivan is almost two years old, and Guy and I have both been working since he was three months. As any parent knows, time... Continue Reading →

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