UPCOMING TALK: Join us for an evening travel program on our Camino trek. We'll share tips, tales (fails) and reflections from our September hike. —  SATURDAY, MARCH 9, 2019. 7 PM.  — Creekside Grill, Silverton, OR   We wanted share some exciting news with you all. You might remember from previous posts that one of... Continue Reading →

Join Us in Portland!

Wondering what's been going on since our last post? If you live in the Portland, Oregon area, you can join us to find out during our Evening Travel Program at the Mazamas Mountaineering Center at SE 43rd and Stark! The talk is on Wednesday, January 30 at 7 PM - 527 SE 43rd Avenue, Portland,... Continue Reading →

Day 30: In the End

While it will certainly take time to truly recognize and understand the meanings we derive from this pilgrimage, this past day has shed some light on the impact it's had on us. The day was, as you'd imagine after such a trip, one where we moved slow. We treated ourselves to the extra perks that... Continue Reading →

Day 29: Buen Camino!

Arzúa to Santiago. 39.4 km / 24.5 miles. They say the Camino provides. And so it does. The morning started out not quite as magical as the others. The skies were a little hazy and the air a little warm. That quickly changed after we noticed my headlamp flickering. This went on for about an... Continue Reading →

Day 27: Three Ems

Portomarín to Pasal del Rei. 25.1 km / 15.6 miles. Today is brought to us by the letter M. M is for Morning. The first three hours of the day remain the best. The crisp air, the bright stars, the moonlight seeping in between the trees ... top if off with a fresh strong coffee,... Continue Reading →

Day 25: Test Flight 2.0

Sarria to Barbadelo: 3.7 km / 2.8 mi Today was about 2 things. 1st to test the water and see how the leg feels and 2nd, to get back on schedule and finish our last 100 km. We took our time heading out of Sarria and up the steep climb to Barbadelo. Although it seemed... Continue Reading →

Day 23: Human? NO THANK YOU!

Villafranca del Bierzo to Sarria. 0 km / 0 miles. After 30 minutes of taping, failing, and retaping my ankle this morning, I looked around the tape-ridden half-packed room and said what I already knew, that I was in no condition to walk. It was not a conversation either of us wanted to have. It... Continue Reading →

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